Upgrade Program

What is the BC Standard Upgrade Program?

The BC Standard Upgrade Program is a program that allows homeowners to upgrade their Heating and Cooling equipment with no upfront costs and little to no out of pocket costs. With new Standards for High Efficiency Equipment in place and the climate in British Columbia, having an Safe and Efficient system is essential.

How does it work?

For Homeowners that are qualified, the new equipment will be installed for free and there is No Upfront Cost or Down Payment. At all. The total value of the Equipment will be stretched out into a small and affordable monthly amount, over a set term which is decided by the Homeowner. With upgrading to High Efficiency Equipment, many Homeowners see reduced utility bills and equipment maintenance costs. In many cases, the monthly savings from the Utility Bills work to offset the monthly cost of the equipment, reducing the out of pocket cost incurred to the Homeowner. 

Does the BC Standard Upgrade Program qualify me for a Rebate?

Yes! BC Standard installs equipment that is Eligible for Rebates however the amount of the Rebate will vary depending on what kind of Rebates are available at the Time. If you have any questions about Rebate Eligibility or Availability, don’t hesitate to contact us!